Katie Saxton - REALTOR

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Katie Saxton moved to Salt Lake City in the Summer of 1996 from Minneapolis Minnesota. She fell in love with Utah's beauty, breathtaking mountains, skiing, culture and outdoor activities. Katie lived in the Avenues and Federal Heights neighborhoods where she raised her family and has said: "The beauty, mountain views and 10 minute drive to downtown Salt lake City in unsurpassed." She has intimate knowledge of Salt Lake City's unique downtown living, shopping, restaurants and cultural events. Katie has always had a love of decorating, renovating and designing homes. She started her Real Estate career in 2002 and over 20 years later she is as passionate, dedicated to her clients and excited about real estate as she was closing her first deal. 

Katie has a tenacious work ethic, knowledge of real estate transactions, professional poise, knowledge of Salt Lake City's neighborhoods and surroundings areas and dedication that is critical to be successful in this field. She is in constant communication with her clients as they go though the buying an selling experience in the current real estate climate.

She consistently goes above and beyond the REALTOR call of duty. She fully embraces the rising prevalence of technology in this industry and recognizes how it helps her clients assess the market in real time. 

Katie's attentiveness to client needs, extensive market knowledge, and passion for marketing gives her an edge and provides optimal results to YOU, HER CLIENT.